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What are the Immigration services in Dubai?

Deciding to immigrate to another country may well be one among the hardest decisions you’ll make in your life. So, if you’re able to take the step, you’ll want the process to be as smooth as possible. There are several benefits to hiring knowledgeable consultant to manage the immigration process for you. For one, it saves time. Secondly, you don’t need to stay updated with immigration laws and other regulations if you’ve got somebody else doing that for you. After all, even the slightest mistake can find yourself with a visa application being rejected. Thankfully there are several immigration consultants in Dubai which will help make the process easy. Here are some you’ll consider:



Coming up first on our recommendations for immigration consultants in Dubai is DM Consultants. With several branches within the rest of the planet , this company is taken into account one among the most effective visa consultants in Dubai. counting on your requirements and specialisations, applicants can choose between Skilled Immigration, Student Visa, Business Immigration, and Visit Visa.

The objective of the corporate is to supply streamlined services for immigrations to countries, like the uk , Canada, Australia and therefore the us of America. they have a team of certified lawyers based in Australia and Canada. Dedicated visa consultants are allotted to clients who are walked through each step.

Services offered at DM Consultants cover every step of the immigration process. for instance , the scholar Visa service helps students undergo the various processes required for studying in USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

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Contact: +971-4-344-7757 Address: Office 3403, Latifa Tower, East Wing, Sheikh Zayed Road


Coming up second on our list of best immigration consultants in Dubai is AINiT Immigration Services. A business that is renowned for its international study and immigration services since its inception in 2001, AINiT has a wide portfolio of services with several branches across the globe.

Considered one of the best student visa consultants in Dubai, the service is committed to providing each client with personalized services according to individual requirements. With a strong track record of visa approval, the business has already helped several aspirants reach their dream destinations.

Additionally, AINiT specialises in business visas too. Consider their Australian Business Migration Visa program which enables applicants to manage businesses in the country. Benefits for business owners in this regard include the ability to sponsor family members, easy travel to and from Australia and more.

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Contact: +971-4-368-5697 | +971-52-244-1018 Address: Office No. 3306, Prime Tower, Business Bay


One of the best Canada immigration services in Dubai, Pelican Migration Consultants also offers consultations for those wishing to migrate to Australia and New Zealand. Specialising in five major visa services, Skilled Worker, Student, Business, Work and Visitor visas, this immigration consultant in Dubai is considered one of the best.

The process here is pretty simple. Find out if you qualify, submit all of the documents pertaining to your case, lodge your application and wait for the visa approval. For example, countries covered by their Visitor Visa services include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA. Those looking to visit countries in the Schengen Area — like Ireland, Romania, Cyprus and others — are also catered to.

The rest of Pelican’s services cover Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Initial consultations are free.

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Contact: +971-4-564-6282 Address: Office 1002, Silver Tower, Business Bay, Dubai


Dealing with almost 1000 immigration services each year, Premiers deserves a spot on our list of best immigration services in Dubai. The consultancy offers “end-to-end services” starting from determining the country of choice to submitting applications and ensuring compliance of international migration laws.

Services offered by Premiers include skilled migration, second citizenship, study abroad programmes and business migration. Also considered one of the largest immigration consultancy services in the Middle East, the service is pretty popular with those looking for comprehensive immigration services. For example, consider their 2nd Citizen Passport services which enables those willing to take advantage of the benefit an easier time acquiring it.

Additionally, Premiers also covers an impressive range of countries ranging from countries like Canada to Schengen countries which cover most of Europe and others.

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Contact: +971-4-397-9999 Address: Al Arif Contracting Building, 2nd Floor, Al Musalla Road, Bur Dubai


With several branches across the globe and more than 20,000 success stories, Global Migration Services certainly deserves a place as one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai. With a team of immigration officers that have years of experience in the industry, the service offers a host of options for anyone looking to make a life for themselves in another country without the hassle.

As one of the leading migration agents in Dubai, services at Global Migration Services include Skilled Migration, Visa and Citizen by Investment. The third option, Citizen by Investment, is a popular one for gaining second citizenship by investing in the economy of another country. Other services from Global Migration Services include acquiring visit visas in a range of countries.

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Contact: +971-4-303-1955 Address: 2nd Floor, Al Arif Contracting Building, Al Musalla Road, Bur Dubai


Pacific Migration enables clients to fulfil their aspirations of migrating to countries such as the United States, Australian, United Kingdom, Germany and the European region. They have a team of professional representatives that work with every client to educate them on their immigration requirements. Additionally, the service also guides clients on choosing countries that suit their particular aspirations.

Currently, the company is providing consultation services for Australian, Canadian, European immigration as well as Polish work permits, student visa, Slovenia residency, Schengen visit visa and others. Interested applicants can get a free assessment by filling the form on the agency’s website.

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Contact: +971-4-242-3698 | +971-56-195-2415 Address: Office No. 609, Opal Tower, Business Bay


A reliable immigration consultancy in Dubai, Migration Consultants offers work and skilled visas for Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more. The migration specialists at the company are well versed in immigration and policy laws in developed countries and are perfectly suited for anyone looking to reside or visit these places.

The process here includes offering assessment for visa approvals, preparing clients for interviews and supporting clients for preparing applications. Other services include proofreading paperwork to ensure that applications are free from errors or any discrepancies.

The consultation service works with certified international lawyers and immigration consultants that have permits to perform their duties in the industry. A one-stop solution for immigration services in Dubai, the service has several success stories and is considered a reliable agency for those who have already used its services.

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Contact: +971-4-339-6777 Address: Office 201 A, Al Moosa Tower-2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


Located in Business Bay, Royal Migration Solutions is a Dubai based company offering visa services like immigration visas, work visas, study visas and work permits to name a few. The company has a 98.5% success rate and years of experience with a large portfolio of satisfied clients that have used its service over the years.

Services at Royal Migration Solutions involve assessing immigration eligibility via client qualification, working with immigration law firms to reply to client queries, assisting in the application process and submitting applications on their clients’ behalf.

Every consultant hired at Royal Migration Solutions is required to undergo six months of an aggressive internal training programme. Comprised of eight courses, the programme ensures that clients are delivered services that offer value.

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Contact: +971-4-514-9575 | +971-55-929-1113 Address: Office No. 312, Clover Bay Tower, Business Bay


Notable visa consultants in Dubai, Stratix Consultants has a prominent presence in all major Gulf countries with services covering several major countries like the UK, US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Specialising in bespoke consultation services, Stratix Consultants offers services that cover a wide range of immigration requirements. For example, their Citizen by Investment service assists families and individuals who wish to acquire a second citizenship by investing in real estate in their country of choice. Immigration consultants at the company have the expertise necessary to guide clients in making real estate purchases in international territories.

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Contact: +971-4-359-5953 Address: Office No. 2007, City Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Crown Plaza Hotel


Wrapping up our list of immigration consultants in Dubai is Rightstep Migration. Dedicated to helping clients sift through complicated migration processes, international regulations and laws, the service also offers refunds in case applications aren’t approved.

However, that rarely happens, as is apparent from the testimonials from satisfied clients on their website. In addition to covering several major countries, Rightstep Migration also offers immigrations to locations like Dominica, Germany, Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria.

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Contact: +971-4-347-6555 Address: Office 403, Al Maktab Building

We hope that our review of top immigration consultants in Dubai helps you find a service that suits your requirements. Is Dubai your country of interest?


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